Sunday, 20 November 2016

Clinique - Pop lipstick in Fab Pop

I was so excited about this colour when I first clocked eyes with it. I happily swatched it on the back of my hand and watched the nude pink stick trace its shade against my skin. The colour reflecting back was the same as the outer packaging, so enthusiastically I bought it!

The colour that the mirror reflects back when on my lips seems to be completely different. 
Instead of it being this gorgeous, rosy pink that's perfect for everyday and would go beautifully against my fair skin, all I see if a harsh pale pink that edges more towards 1970's light fuchsia than modern, playful, dusky pink.

I'm not happy, which is a shame because the texture of Clinique's Pop range is exactly what I need right now - rich colour that's moisturising and long lasting.

Perhaps it's just my particular lip or skin tone that makes the undertones of this look so blue, but either way, for the first time I'm disappointed with Clinique.

Colour Intensity: medium

Finish: creamy, some shine

Overall Rating: 1/5 - sorry, the colour was not what I expected

You'll like this if: you like exceptionally blue light pink lipsticks

Avoid: if you expect the colour from the packaging

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