Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Balm - Pretty Smart Lip Gloss in GRRR!

I accidentally bought GRRR! And that's probably the strangest sentence I've ever written.

As you have probably guessed, lip glosses aren't my thing. I'm not a fan of the sticky texture, the overhauling shine and the fact that it lasts on average ten minutes. Nope. For me, it's all about lipsticks.

However, there are certain lip glosses that do break the mould and I can't help but reach for them occasionally.

This, sadly isn't the case for The Balm's GRRR! While I love The Balm as a brand and have adored other colours within this range, this particular colour just isn't for me. The nude is just a little bit too dull for me to really fall for it.
Unfortunately, it will fit into my draw of bad lipstick mistakes bought online where the colour swatch doesn't quite live up to the truth.

I don't want you to not give this a try just because I've given it a negative review, because if you like nude lipsticks, then you will absolutely love this. This lip gloss range is not sticky in the slightest, offers the colour that is in the tube and contains a dose of glitter to add that extra bit of glamour.

Colour Intensity: low

Finish: glossy, high shine

Overall Rating: 2/5

You'll like this if: you're a fan of nude lip glosses

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