Monday, 8 August 2016

Urban Decay - Vice lipstick in Tilt

It's likely that you have heard about this range already. I mean, it's been hard not to. With the launch of the Gwen Stefani colours last year, Urban Decay reinforced this even more with a colab with Disney dreamy classic, Alice In Wonderland Collection. And before we knew it, there were 40 shades in total. BAM! Overnight! 

In my opinion, this is how you should launch a range. So many brands out there tend to start with a couple of colours and leave you hanging to the point that you're bored. Not Urban Decay though. They give you all the colours and finishes you could possibly desire all at once!

My first desire from this range came in the form of a tantalising orange-red lipstick called Tilt.

Vice have a range of different finishes - to the point that they will easily rival MAC. Tilt belongs to the Comfort Matte selection and this range is aptly named because mattes tend to be difficult to get used to. There are so many matte lipsticks out there that resemble a finish closer to a newly cemented pavement than a soft to the touch velvet cushion.

Tilt is a stunning colour. This shade of crimson with a splurge of warmth is probably my most go-to-red. It's high impact, sexy, strong but the red isn't over-consuming. Instead its softened with a burst of orange to give you a sunshine finish.

Comfort Matte feels exactly like it says on the tin. It's creamy enough to glide on easily, but doesn't dry to the point where you can't even smile. It stays gloriously smooth for the entire application, and even two meals down and a few glasses of wine (Ok, it was actually beer - was trying to sound sophisticated!), Tilt stayed put in all its sunset glory.

Tilt has been a great first lipstick to try in the all new Urban Decay Vice range, so I'm looking forward to venturing into its broad colour palette.

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: matte - but still creamy with a touch of gloss

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you want a matte that stays smooth all day, with a burst of colour

Perfect for: glam nights out, if you're looking for a brighter red, Summer evenings, date night!

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