Sunday, 26 June 2016

Clinique - Pop lipstick in Cherry Pop

I have said before how I have never naturally gravitated towards Clinique when it has come to lipsticks. Chubby Sticks, sure! But they're a completely different story.

It's not really until the Pop range made it's colourful debut that I realised just how amazing Clinique make-up really us. I have collected a few shades along the way, and one of my favourites is Cherry Pop.

In the tube, Cherry Pop looks like an intense red, but once on the lips the beautiful cherry pink tones take over and envelop your lips in a delicious colour. The light makes it look much more pink than it actually is, but don't go thinking that this colour is a traditional red.

Clinique's Pop range has become popular because the colours are not only rich, but they're also very moisturising. It only takes one application to bring the colour to life.

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: creamy, moisturising

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you are looking for a rich, moisturising cherry red

Perfect for: nights out / date night / with a winged eyeliner / cool skin tones

Avoid: if you're clumsy! This transfers easily so best to avoid if you're not used to wearing lipstick

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