Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Chanel - Rouge Allure in Palpatante

Oh, how we all long to have an abundance of Chanel lipsticks on our vanity tables; to click them out of their black and gold shell, twist it up to reveal the embossed 'Chanel' sign, and swipe on the lips for everyone to see. Chanel is made for moments, and it doesn't matter how many lipsticks you've collected over the years, how many other hobbies you've encountered, or how wide your salary has grown - Chanel, to me, still feels like I've hit the peak.

Last year, I was stuck in a Crete airport for 8 hours due to my flight being delayed. With only one Duty Free area and only two cafes, the choices of entertainment were limited, so I chose to pass the time by browsing through the displays of make-up. Browsing soon turned to shopping and as I was boarding the plane with 2 perfumes, 1 face powder, 6 lipsticks, 2 nail polishes, an eye shadow palette and an obligatory Toblerone, I quickly realised I had killed £400 as well as the 8 hours.

But I still maintain that it was worth it, and one of my favourite purchases to commemorate that holiday is Chanel's Palpitante.

The colour is a vivacious red with flirty notes of pink, making this a lovely cherry hue. It looks amazing against my pale (even after a holiday) skin tone.

The finish is actually more sheer than I thought it would be. Perhaps I have been subconsciously trained with the array of matte shades at the moment, but Palpitante surprised me with its glossiness. The shade is definitely bright, but much softer than you may anticipate.

Unlike so many other bold colours, Palpitante doesn't stain so it can be easily taken off if (like me) you like to change your mind a lot. It's moisturising, comfortable and very easy to wear.

The high price point may be a massive turn-off for so many people, but I still hold that Chanel lipsticks should be savoured and kept as a real special treat, so even if you have one, it's still absolutely fine. 

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: soft sheen, moisturising

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you are after a luxury, bright but tame lipstick

Perfect for: making an entrance / special occasions / first dates / day to day / in the Summer 

Avoid: if you want something that has a richer colour laydown

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