Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Clinique - Pop lipstick in Nude Pop

I have spoken endlessly about how my love for Clinique lip products was rekindled with Chubby Sticks, but the spark truly started when the Pop range entered into this world.

It can be easy to dismiss a brand purely because you have a certain perception - whether we like it or not, we tend to personify and categorise brands. Either they're too lifeless, too young, too old. Whatever it may be, we do it. And I have to admit that I definitely did this with Clinique.

I love their skin care range, but whenever someone mentioned that they had bought make-up from there, my mind would instantly scrutinise with "Why?" I had an odd perception that Clinique was... well... too clinical; ideal for looking after your skin, but certainly not fun enough to decorate it with! 

Lipstick after lipstick, Clinque changed my perception and it has now blossomed into one of colour, richness and possibilities. And all I did was take a little leap and actually try one of the products.

I've digressed massively here, but the point I'm trying to make it that even though you've avoided buying something because you 'think' it will be a certain way, go on a limb and try it. It may surprise you.

 When I first bought into the Pop range, I didn't just buy one. I bought three, and one of those colours happened to be Nude Pop. I know it's not very adventurous, especially when you see the array of colours that Clinique have to offer, but we all need a nude. And this is a damn good nude!

Clinique's Nude Pop is a soft beige. The colour sits somewhere between neutral and cool - think of it as a pretty pinks swirled in with a dusky mushroom. It's by no means bright, but it's very refreshing.

If you want to keep your lips nicely juiced up this Summer, this range is the one to go for. The lipsticks are both colour and primer so there's no need for blaming beforehand. The hydrating cream will leave your lips supple and soft, even once the colour is off.

Colour Intensity: low

Finish: Moisturising with a slight gloss

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you want a hydrating, baring nude

Perfect for: the summer - this lip colour feels creamy and moisturising, so ideal for the scorching sun / all occasions 

Avoid: if you're looking for more colour pay-off

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Nars - Audacious lipstick in Anna

The story with Anna actually starts with Nars' Annabella, which you can read about HERE

If you're all up to date, you will understand how glad I was when I eventually tracked this down. I'm not sure if this is an online only purchase, but it shouldn't be. Anna is a beautiful colour that so many people would fall in love with, so it needs to be in mass market.

If you're a fan of Twig by MAC, then you will fall head over heels in love with Anna. It's a plumful, full bodied nude - dashed in rosie tones if adds a neutral twist to your lips.

The colour is not bare. Instead, it's captivating, rich and so creamy despite its semi-matte finish.

The reason I love Nars Audacious so much is because the finish is ideal. It's a clever mix of velvet cream and a long-lasting matte colour, making it stay put all day but also very comfortable to wear. 

I'm so impressed by this shade, so if you're looking for your next Audacious fix, I strongly recommend this one!

Colour Intensity: medium to high

Finish: semi-matte

Overall Rating: 5/5

You'll like this if: you're looking for a daily lipstick

Perfect for: all occasions / all skin tones

Avoid: Never! ;)

If you're wondering what book is lying next to this lipstick, it's Because of Miss Bridgeton by Julia Quinn. If you're a romance fan, it's a must-read!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Beauty: 7 Days in 7 Lipsticks

I wear and buy a lot of lipsticks - most of which do not get reviewed straight away, so as a little glimpse into the ones you may not have seen on here before, I thought I would start a section on lipsticks I have been wearing for the week. I won't get too sentimental about my days, promise!

1. On Monday... I wore Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Pink Cushion

This delicate lipstick has become one of my favourites for the Summer and you can read the full review here - 

I wore this on a busy day at the office just to give my lips a pop of coral pink colour for the presentations ahead. This is moisturising, doesn't cake when it starts fading and is my Summer go-to for a colourful, casual day.

2. On Tuesday... I wore Lipstick Queen in Eden

I adore this lipstick. It's creamy, punchy and the sort of red that is pure Snow White. It has a dash of glitter so the bright colour really picks up in the sunshine. You can also dab this on for a colour treat, or load it on for pure indulgence.

Full review is here -

3. On Wednesday... I wore Bourjois Rouge Edition in Ravie En Rose

Bourjois have created bliss when they created these little lip souffles, and Ravie En Rose is my current favourite. Wednesday was another presentation day at work so I popped this on for a little brightness. It's the lightest in their range, but the coral is vivid enough to be ideal for Summer.

4. On Thursday... I wore Lancome Juicy Shaker in Cherry Symphony

I'm not sure why I haven't reviewed this yet because out of the Juicy Shakers I own, Cherry Symphony is by far my favourite. I had to go to a dinner after work, so this little bundle of joy took me from drabby office geek to evening chic in no time at all. The colour is really noticeable and so moisturising - definitely a glamorous gloss.

5. On Friday... I wore MAC Satin lipstick in Twig

I have only just reviewed this fabulous lipstick here , but I wore Twig on Friday night when it was my birthdaaaaaay!!! This plumful rosie nude was the perfect compliment to my natural blush and smokey eyes.

6. On Saturday... I wore Nars Audacious in Anna

This is actually incredibly similar in colour to Twig and I'll be reviewing this incredibly soon, but although Anna may be similar in shade, it's finish is completely different. Where Twig is creamy, Nars' Anna is silky velvet which dries to a semi-matte. The colour is also ever so slightly deeper but just as beautiful. Anna's outing only lasted for ten minutes as I chose the worst time possible to leave the house and found myself in a torrential downpour. Honestly, by the time I got back home it looked like I'd been dipped in the bath. But the lipstick stood still despite the rest of my make-up abandoning my face.

7. On Sunday... I wore The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Honest

This is my favourite The Balm lip product. The colour of a peachy orange is stunning and perfect for any season. It also lasts an incredibly long time without cracking. One application took me through breakfast, brunch and lunch (had a top up before dinner) in London. So definitely one to choose if you have a busy day. Here's the full review -

I'd love to hear which lipsticks you've been wearing so let me know!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

MAC - Satin lipstick in Twig

It's my birthday!!! Well, it was on Friday but I'm trying to milk it as much as possible despite my boyfriend's protests. 

And Twig was my birthday lipstick, which is really surprising that it's taken me this long to wear one of MAC's more popular shades.

When I first saw this, I thought it was easily a creamier variation to Velvet Teddy. It looks nude yet rich, but once swatched, Twig has a very different story. Instead of a glossy coffee colour, Twig has a subtle plum tone. 

It doesn't look natural on my lips but I can imagine that on deeper skin tones this looks stunning. 

I still adore the colour - it's somewhere inbetween a dusky rose and a simmered violet that is very eye-catching. 

The finish feels like silky cream, has amazing colour laydown and lasts a surprisingly long time for a lipstick with a moisturising texture.

Colour Intensity: medium

Finish: creamy, moisturising, slight gloss

Finish: 4/5

You'll like this if: you are looking for a plumful dusky rose that will look amazing on deeper skin tones 

Perfect for: wearing daily / wearing with Becca's Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Guava Moonstone - this blush complements Twig so well

Clinique - Pop lipstick in Cherry Pop

I have said before how I have never naturally gravitated towards Clinique when it has come to lipsticks. Chubby Sticks, sure! But they're a completely different story.

It's not really until the Pop range made it's colourful debut that I realised just how amazing Clinique make-up really us. I have collected a few shades along the way, and one of my favourites is Cherry Pop.

In the tube, Cherry Pop looks like an intense red, but once on the lips the beautiful cherry pink tones take over and envelop your lips in a delicious colour. The light makes it look much more pink than it actually is, but don't go thinking that this colour is a traditional red.

Clinique's Pop range has become popular because the colours are not only rich, but they're also very moisturising. It only takes one application to bring the colour to life.

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: creamy, moisturising

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you are looking for a rich, moisturising cherry red

Perfect for: nights out / date night / with a winged eyeliner / cool skin tones

Avoid: if you're clumsy! This transfers easily so best to avoid if you're not used to wearing lipstick

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Lipstick Matchmaker - The Perfect Vice Lipsticks for Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette

If you've been lucky enough to get your hands on this beautifully mesmerising palette, then you would know just how special it is. It's varying colours of bold to neutral shades are on all out wish lists, but if you're not used to mixing shades together to find different looks, eyeshadow palettes like this can often be left to one side just to be looked at.

I want this to be wearable, so I've gone out and explored the new Urban Decay Vice lipstick collection and have hand-picked shades that would go perfectly with each colour in the Alice Through the Looking Glass palette. So whether you're blending or using a colour on it's own, you know roughly what sort of shade to have on your lips.

You're on your own with blusher.

Let's start with 'Looking Glass' - barely there and soft, this is a perfect base but if you want a gentle sweep of colour to neutralise eyelids this can also be worn on its own.
I chose Gubby for this. Gubby is part of the Metalised Vice collection and it's pale, perfect and very natural. For the girls that want that naked look, this is the perfect combo for you.

Next on the list is 'Hatter', a daring emerald green that's bright and vivacious. It may look like lip colours are limited for a shade like this, but you actually have a lot more to play with when it comes to green. You could easily opt for nudes and browns to really bring out the earthy tones. You could go for purples to enhance the hue, or you could go with pinks. I chose pink in this instant and found the perfect match for 'Hatter' to be Wrong Number - a dashing delicate pink that makes for a perfect coupling with Hatter in the Spring.

If you're after subdued shades with a kick, then 'Lily' is the eyeshadow colour for you. Underneath the neutral base lies a iridescent pinkie purple that is truly stunning in sunshine. To bring out these shades, Seismic is the way to go. A dose of a purple lip is just what will make 'Lily' take over.

I've heard good things about 'Heads Will Roll' and this colour goes really well against hazel eyes. It's very bold so you need a lip colour that's a little more subdued but can hold its own. Snitch is perfect. It comes in Vice's sheer form so it's not as bright as matte or cream finishes, but is just enough colour to make it an ideal companion.

Funnily enough, 'Time' was the toughest for me to make my decision. You wouldn't think it considering it's just a dark shade that is perfect for smokey eyes. But that's just the problem because Time goes will so many colours. You could easily pick a red for a dramatic look, or a pink to soften the darkness. I, however, think Stark Naked is just right. Nothing looks more elegant than a gorgeous nude lip against a dramatic smoky eye look.

'Reflection' has a lot of orange undertones so you need to stay away from lip colours that are too orange. It's best to choose something a little more neutral and Backdoor is perfect. It's more of a brown and slightly metallic so it's the ideal antidote to Reflection's matte warm tone.

If you want dramatic eyes, 'Gone Mad' is a must-try and I love wearing it with Tilt. Tilt is from the Comfort Matte collection and is currently my favourite Vice lipstick. It's red but more on the orange spectrum so it's ideal for Summer and goes beautifully with the underlying purple tones of Gone Mad.
'Duchess' will likely be the least wearable colour of all from the palette just because orange on eyes tends to be an acquired taste, but if you did want to go for it, pair it with Trance. This soft nude with a pearlised finish will neutralise the orange deepness of Duchess.
'Bandersnatch' is the first eye colour I tried and this beautiful blue goes so well with Unicorn. Unicorn can be found in the Comfort Matte section of Vice and is somewhere in-between nude, pink and coral. It's dreamy and can imagine this being the star of the range.

Don't be frightened of 'Dream On'. Out of all the shades this has the least colour pay-off and only leaves your eyelids with glistening shimmer, so it required a lipstick that knows how to lead the way. Ez is... red. That's really the only way to describe it. Loaded in colour and in shine, it will run the show against Dream On.

'Dormouse' is also a warm colour with some orange hues (lot's of oranges in this palette). Best to opt for a nude lipstick with this hue, so go for Uptight.

Onto 'Paradox' and you've guessed it, another orange. I'm noticing a theme here. Just like the rest, a good nude goes a long way and Weirdo will compliment the rich, indulgent tones of Paradox really well.

Styled like a bronze goddess, 'Kingdom' is ideal for blue eyes and perfect for everyday wear. Because of this, it needs a lipstick that's just as wearable and nothing is more wearable in this collection than Liar

Ok, so I have no idea how to pronounce 'Salazen Grum' but I do know that I love it! It's a shimmery bronze with an abundance or red so it needs a lip colour that can steal the show without overwhelming. If you think you're not over Frozen fever just yet, Bobby Dazzle is not just the lipstick for Salazen Grum, but it's also the lipstick for you.

'Chromosphere' is more of a neutral bronze and I've matched this with 1993 making it an ideal pair for everyday wear.

I really love 'Metamorphosis'. It's a unique colour that I've never seen before. A stunning azure blue always goes great with a pink or a coral and wearing with Brat is an instant pretty look for the summer.

'Cake' won't be to everyone's taste (pardon the pun) but for those of you with a cool skin tone, you will revel in this colour. This luxurious pink is eye-catching and daring, and suits something that makes it look a bit more demure. And that colour is Walk of Shame.

Oh, lookie here! Yet another warm tone with a few orange flecks! 'Chessboard' is a matte hazel brown and is suited by the rich tones of Ravenswood so well.

This is probably my favourite match - 'Royal Flush', a sultry champagne and Vice lipstick in Bad Blood. No, it's not just because I'm a Taylor Swift fan, it's because this look is pure Snow White perfection. Subtle sheen eyes with a daring lip. It's just perfect!

And last, but certainly not least, we have 'Mirror'. This gleaming grey can be worn for a more wearable smoky look. I love grey! Sometimes much more so than black for eyeliner and nothing goes better with this cool tone than a bold purple. Which is why I think Venom matches this perfectly.

So these are my Vice lipstick shades to the Alice Through the Looking Glass palette. Let me know which of the shades you love and how you wear your eyeshadow palette!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bourjois - Rouge Edition Velvet in Don't Pink Of It!

One of the best affordable range of lip products has got to be Bourjois. They seem to get it right every singe time, and when they introduced the Rouge Edition selection, I was not surprised that it would be so good!

One of the first colours I chose was Don't Pink Of It - a delicate nude pink that goes on lips like velvet, feels sublime and lasts all day.

I adore this rosie nude hue. It's flattering against my skin tone, it's subtle enough to wear in the office, and more importantly, it's not invisible. The colour brightens up your complexion giving you a healthy glow.

The texture is also sublime. Unlike so many other matte liquid lipsticks, the Bourjois version has a thicker consistency which makes it look whipped. I think it's this that makes it feel so delicate and comfortable on the lips. Plus, at a really affordable price it's a great high street dupe!

Colour Intensity: low to medium

Finish: matte

Overall Rating: 5/5

You'll like this if: you want a great luxury matte liquid lipstick at a high street price

Perfect for: everything! It's a lip colour for all ocassions

Avoid: if you want a bright pink - the brightest this goes is what you see in the picture

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Chanel - Rouge Allure in Palpatante

Oh, how we all long to have an abundance of Chanel lipsticks on our vanity tables; to click them out of their black and gold shell, twist it up to reveal the embossed 'Chanel' sign, and swipe on the lips for everyone to see. Chanel is made for moments, and it doesn't matter how many lipsticks you've collected over the years, how many other hobbies you've encountered, or how wide your salary has grown - Chanel, to me, still feels like I've hit the peak.

Last year, I was stuck in a Crete airport for 8 hours due to my flight being delayed. With only one Duty Free area and only two cafes, the choices of entertainment were limited, so I chose to pass the time by browsing through the displays of make-up. Browsing soon turned to shopping and as I was boarding the plane with 2 perfumes, 1 face powder, 6 lipsticks, 2 nail polishes, an eye shadow palette and an obligatory Toblerone, I quickly realised I had killed £400 as well as the 8 hours.

But I still maintain that it was worth it, and one of my favourite purchases to commemorate that holiday is Chanel's Palpitante.

The colour is a vivacious red with flirty notes of pink, making this a lovely cherry hue. It looks amazing against my pale (even after a holiday) skin tone.

The finish is actually more sheer than I thought it would be. Perhaps I have been subconsciously trained with the array of matte shades at the moment, but Palpitante surprised me with its glossiness. The shade is definitely bright, but much softer than you may anticipate.

Unlike so many other bold colours, Palpitante doesn't stain so it can be easily taken off if (like me) you like to change your mind a lot. It's moisturising, comfortable and very easy to wear.

The high price point may be a massive turn-off for so many people, but I still hold that Chanel lipsticks should be savoured and kept as a real special treat, so even if you have one, it's still absolutely fine. 

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: soft sheen, moisturising

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you are after a luxury, bright but tame lipstick

Perfect for: making an entrance / special occasions / first dates / day to day / in the Summer 

Avoid: if you want something that has a richer colour laydown

Monday, 20 June 2016

Nars - Audacious lipstick in Annabella

I cannot get enough of these lipsticks! It is getting to the point where I have a serious problem and despite my depleting bank balance, I keep finding myself back in Nars.

So, the story behind Annabella is that I was on a day trip to Brighton back in December and naturally had to go to Space NK. I have been after a particular Nars Audacious lipstick called Anna for a while, but have never managed to find it in store.

I asked the sales advisor if she had Anna in stock, and she looked at me like I was insane. "Anna doesn't exist," she announced. "Are you sure you don't mean Annabella?"
I look at her even more perplexed and don't mean to look as stern as I do. "It definitely exists!"  I retaliate, as I get my phone out to show her the proof online.

Despite many attempts at trying to convince her, she still didn't believe and after swaying Annabella in front of me, I thought why not! So I bought it.

For those of you wondering if Anna will make an appearance on here, you don't have long to wait. That lipstick (which very much does exist) is on its way to me now.

Anyway, this is about Annabella. A gorgeous red with an abundance of orange tones which makes it one of the happiest colours I have ever seen. It's simply stunning.

Annabella has the same finish as its other Audacious sisters - it's a semi matte with lots of colour and longevity, but it feels great on your lips. It's comfortable, moisturising yet matte too.

Annabella is a red to be worn for the Spring. It's enchanting, captivating and energising - it perks up your mood and despite it having been purchased under annoying circumstances, it is becoming one of my favourite colours.

I changed my social media profile picture to this lipstick and I have received so many comments asking what I'm wearing. Well, now you know.

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: semi matte

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll this if: you want a perky, uplifting, happy red that bounces energy

Perfect for: evenings out / date night / wearing red in the summer / dolled up looks

Avoid: if you're looking for Anna!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Lipstick Queen - Red Sinner

As you all know far too well by now, I'm a huge fan of Lipstick Queen. A brand like this has always been my dream - to walk into a store and have every shade and finish imaginable in unique packaging.

The main lipstick range are split into two alter egos, and depending on the colour you want, you can either opt for an ethereal Saint lipstick which contains 10% pigment, or daring Sinner which contains 90%.

I tend to bounce back and forth between Saint and Sinner depending on my mood at the time, but despite it being Summer, I am currently definitely a Sinner girl.

I have a lot of reds, but it takes real effort to find a truly classic red. This neutral crimson lipstick is the perfect balance between blue and yellow tones and will be the perfect companion to all skin tones. If you've been struggling to find the right red for you or simply cannot decide, this is the one to go for.

Despite its richness in pigment, the Sinner range isn't matte. Instead, it is beautifully radiant and glossy (just how a traditional lipstick should be) which makes this the perfect lipstick pal to have at your disposal.

Lipstick Queen Sinner packaging has that rubbery feel to it, which makes it look much more premium and something that it worth the investment. 

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: rich, creamy, with a glossy sheen

Overall Rating: 5/5 - it's the sort of classic, movie star red that every girl should own

You'll like this if: you have little time to find the right red for your skin tone. This will suit everyone!

Perfect for: any occasion imaginable!

Avoid: if you want a sheer lipstick shade. Red Sinner is high in pigment which means it transfers easily, so best avoid around white dresses.

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