Tuesday, 31 May 2016

MAC - Lustre lipstick in Flamingo

Yes, it's another MAC review. I told you I was obsessed at the moment, and I'm ashamed to say no other lipstick has graced my lips for over two weeks. Now that's saying something because even though I'm not promiscuous in the slightest, I definitely am with lipsticks.

I picked up Flamingo on a recent shopping trip to Guildford. I tasked my friend to choose three colours for me and after saying no to the first twenty (because I already owned them), I finally said yes to Flamingo!

Think of a sweet, soft coral pink when you think of Flamingo. A beautiful glossy colour, this sugary shade has been a cult favourite for a while, and you can see why. Its perfect blend of cool and warm is bound to suit most skin tones, and the fact that it's a shy pink makes it ideal for everyday wear.

It's been a while since I've purchased a MAC Lustre lipstick. After the phenomena that is 'matte', I think the world has forgotten how sublime creamy textures really are. One swipe and I forgot why matte is so massive.

Lustre is so wearable as a texture. It's soft, illuminating and comfortable. If you like softer pinks but want something slightly glossier for Summer, Flamingo will run your roost! 

Colour Intensity: low to medium 

Finish: Lustre - glossy look

Overall Rating: 5/5 - top marks from me! 

You'll like this is: you are looking for a pinkier/softer shade of MAC's Little Buddha and Costa Chic

Perfect for: fair skin tones / the summer / beach life / everyday wear... The list goes on

Avoid: if you're looking for something bright 

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