Sunday, 24 April 2016

Lipstick Queen in Eden

When I told the Space NK sales advisor that Lipstick Queen used to have a shade called Saint Eden when I saw the newly launched Eden on the display, she was looking at me like I'm a nutcase. After insisting for a while and getting a response of only confused shakes of heads from all the other sales advisors, even I started to doubt myself. But I was right! Saint Eden did exist! Look it up in this blog! 

But anyway.

This is about Eden, the new apple red, Phoenix-rising lipstick that to me is very different from its old life.  Twist the tube to be greeted with a gorgeous lightish red with a hint of iridescent flecks. 

Despite it being on the Saint side than Sinner, Eden has a lot of colour pay-off. You can keep building for a gorgeous apple red pout that even Snow White would be envious of. Or, gently dab the colour for a subtle rouge.

The texture is moisturising which makes it refreshing among the matte revolution at the moment, and a delightful lipstick for Spring.

Colour Intensity: medium to high

Finish: moisturising, slight gloss

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you want your lips to experience flexibility after a Winter of matte

Perfect for: Summer! If you shy away from deep reds, first dates, casual looks, pretty much everything! 

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