Monday, 23 November 2015

Seventeen - Stay Pout lipstick in Rule Breaker

Ah, Seventeen. The make-up brand of my early teens. Memories of double Science, bad dance routines to S Club 7 and glitterific school discos come to mind. Obviously none of these were brought on by the brand, but it was definitely my companion for all of the above. 

As I said in my previous post when reviewing Just A Fling, I haven't used Seventeen since I was very young; 14 years young to be precise so it's nice that the two of us are reunited once again.

Rule Breaker is a great little lipstick for Seventeen and I to re-kindle our romance. Dark, sultry and full of punchy shine is what greets you when you first swivel the stick. Once on the lips, Rule Breaker is a gorgeous berry that is an ideal Autumn/Winter colour. The texture is lovely and soft, and the hydrating base has a delicate feel and long lasting colour. 

I cannot wait to try a few more bits and pieces! 

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: slight shine, moisturising 

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you have memories of double Science too...or want an affordable berry colour to match this seasons' trend. 

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