Sunday, 8 November 2015

MAC - Matte lipstick in Fashion Revival

NOT to be worn when eating meatballs in IKEA. It may sound like an odd statement to start my review on, but believe me, one bite of those delcious meatballs (don't judge me) and my chin had an outline of Fashion Revival that even wet wipes struggled with. That, and the fact that Croydon does not seem to be ready for bright lips just yet.

Ikea aside, I have loved wearing this deep raspberry lipstick. The colour is so beautiful - a rich, deep pink-burgundy that stands out no matter what. With the weather turning frosty, I'm a huge fan of colours that contrast with snow.

Even though it's a Matte lipstick, I'd say the finish is more semi-matte. The texture is not drying or moisturising but gives your lips the perfect balance of movability. Which is a good attribute in life. Especially when eating meatballs.

Colour Intensity: very high

Finish: semi-matte

Overall Rating: 4/5 - I love a lipstick with lasting power, but if you get this anywhere other than your lips, prepare to live with it for a couple of more hours.

You'll like this if: you want a beautiful rich raspberry lipstick, perfect for frosty, winter nights 

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