Sunday, 6 September 2015

Seventeen - Stay Pout lipstick in Just A Fling

This is definitely a blog post that takes me back to my early teen years.

For those of you who don't know, Seventeen is a drug store make-up brand in the UK exclusively at Boots. I think the last time I purchased anything from this brand was in the early '00s and purely because Bliss magazine had suggested a particular Seventeen lipstick on a Britney Spears "Get The Look". Back then I was 12, Britney was my idol and Seventeen was the brand that my friends and I would talk about constantly.

Today, I thought I would give this make-up mogul another try. After all, 12 year old me may have spent more time playing The Sims than doing homework but she must have been pretty smart when it came to lipsticks.

I picked a couple of colours so tried on Just A Fling first. It applied incredibly smoothly. The colour caught the lips immediately with no need to keep adding layers, and the texture feels soft and light. 

Just A Fling is a peachy, warm nude that is ideal for everyday wear. My lips feel like there's nothing on them, which I love, and not sure if it's the colour of the formula but I feel like my lips form more of a natural pout when I put this on.

Unlike the older style (I'm pretty sure it used to be a dark navy blackish colour) the case looks much more premium but with a price point of £4.49, you can't go wrong with this affordable secret weapon.

Colour Intensity: low to medium

Finish: light and creamy with a hint of gloss

Overall Rating: 5/5

You'll like this if: like me, you want to re-live your teen years OR (and more likely) are looking for an affordable everyday lipstick.

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