Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lipstick Queen - Silver Screen in Stella!

Powerful purple packed in pretty packaging. Liked my alliteration there? GCSE English level sentence aside, Stella! in Lipstick Queen's Silver Screen range is stunning.  There aren't that many pure purples out there - most are plummy and have more red in the mix than blue, but this little violet star is different. Once it goes on the lips, you can see a very clear blue sheen which looks gorgeous against the purple base. 

The colour is high in pigment and even though it's not a matte texture, it stays put. The formula also has a hint of menthol so it feels like it's medicating your lips.

My first Silver Screen lipstick was Come Up, which I wore religiously every day until there was nothing left, and although Stella! is more for special occasions, I have a feeling I'll love this just as much. Oh, and the case is magnetic as an added bonus, but make sure you keep it away from your train tickets.

Colour Intensity: very high

Finish: light creamy texture with some gloss 

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you're starved of colour and need a strong hit

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