Monday, 31 August 2015

Topshop lipstick in Mink

Topshop's Mink is to lips in the 2010's what Russian Mink was to upper crust ladies in the 1910's. Well, it won't keep you warm in a Siberian storm and it's not endangered (that I know of), but it really is luxury for your lips.

The deep, pinky brown can be treated as a nude if you have a darker skin tone, but it's that perfect mixture of hot and cold that it will suit every single skin colour.

If you're pale, it will warm up the tone and give your make-up an overall 'richer' look, and if you have olive or a deep skin tone, the chestnut will enhance your natural colouring. The texture is moisturising but not glossy so you can build up for more colour.

This is one shade that you should not be without.

Colour Intensity: medium

Finish: creamy feel, not too glossy

Overall rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you have a darker complexion and are looking for a nude OR you have a light complexion and are looking for a pinky/brown for a glam look.

PS) browns are back and are looking more glam than ever. A small thanks should go to Kylie Jenner for this! 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rimmel - Kate Moss Collection in 101

Whenever someone asks me to recommend an affordable lipstick, my mind always skips to Rimmel. Kate Moss endorsement aside, Rimmel lipsticks are (by far) the best-priced good quality lipsticks with a wide range of shades. And I really stand by this. 

Shade 101 is a cool, light pink. The texture is so light and airy that you feel like you're wearing a moisturising veil, but my gosh, does it have lasting power! 

Maybe it's because the texture isn't thick, but I always feel like I have a voluptuous pout whenever I wear one of these lipsticks. The recognisable Rimmel scent is also a winner for me.

Colour Intensity: medium

Finish: non glossy, light feel 

Overall Rating: 5/5

You'll like this if: you want to channel Kate Moss, but without her budget.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Lipstick Queen - Belle Époque in Belle Pink

Through my desperately devoted eyes, there is nothing Lipstick Queen could do that would make me love this genius brand any less. Through the last six years since it came into my life, I have built up my collection so much that my vanity table now resembles the same Lipstick Queen display you would see in Space NK. You can imagine how excited I get whenever there's a new addition to the family.

It's safe to say that tinted balms are well and truly in season. Make-up brands from high street to drug store to department store to apothecary are bringing in more and more of these delightful lip treats, and Lipstick Queen have hit the nail on the head with this trend.

The range is called Belle Époque, which means Beautiful Age in French. If you're a history buff...or French, you'd associate this phrase more with the peaceful life that came post World War I - change, prosperity, new beginnings. So think of Lipstick Queen's Belle Époque as a new life for your lips. The creamy, hydrating formula will bathe your lips in moisture leaving them feeling baby soft. Belle Pink leaves a romantic rose pink on the lips which is great for everyday - subtle enough to make it feel ( and look) like your lips are naturally stunning.

The pocket sized tub is perfect for taking everywhere and they're so wonderful, you'll want to collect all three 'belle' colours.

Colour Intensity: sheer

Finish: balm, moisturising but non-sticky

Overall Rating: 5/5

You'll like this if: your lips need some TLC 

Saturday, 22 August 2015

L'Oreal -Infallible Mega Gloss in Gloss Me I'm Gorgeous 202

A bit of an impromptue purchase, but you know me, anything bright and dazzly (especially purple, or red, or orange, or any colour for that matter) I have to have it.

The packagung looked a little more high end than the usual high street/drugstore make up brands and the colour is definitely unique.

Gloss Me I'm Gorgeous is a deep, dark, burgundy purple with different coloured flecks. The gloss is high shine but the formula is still lovely and creamy, and the colour means you won't find anything similar.

The wand is a bit of an odd shape but it really does make application easier, and you don't need to apply layers and layers to achieve a rich colour result. Plus, the price is around £7.99 so a real bargain!

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: high shine gloss and glitter combo

Overall rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you want a luxury lipgloss without the luxury price tag

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Illamasqua lipstick in Over

If this coral Illamasqua lipstick was close in shade to a MAC lipstick, it would be Cut A Caper, but without the glossy finish. The colour is very rich - a more pink/yellow based high-voltage coral than the usual orange bases, so it looks gorgeous. But as much as it pains me to say, I'm not a fan of the finish.

The thick texture is very matte so if you're lips are less than perfect, it will show. I love Illamasqua make-up so this definitely won't put me off future purchases. 

Also, s bit of a weird one but when I took off the lid, the lipstick had lots of colour concentrated red bits on the surface. I worked in marketing for stationery for a long time and in crayons this is known as "blooming". Funny that it happens in lipsticks too.  See, my blog is also educational! 

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: matte

Overall Rating: 3/5

You'll like this if: your lip condition is flawless 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lipstick Queen - Silver Screen in Stella!

Powerful purple packed in pretty packaging. Liked my alliteration there? GCSE English level sentence aside, Stella! in Lipstick Queen's Silver Screen range is stunning.  There aren't that many pure purples out there - most are plummy and have more red in the mix than blue, but this little violet star is different. Once it goes on the lips, you can see a very clear blue sheen which looks gorgeous against the purple base. 

The colour is high in pigment and even though it's not a matte texture, it stays put. The formula also has a hint of menthol so it feels like it's medicating your lips.

My first Silver Screen lipstick was Come Up, which I wore religiously every day until there was nothing left, and although Stella! is more for special occasions, I have a feeling I'll love this just as much. Oh, and the case is magnetic as an added bonus, but make sure you keep it away from your train tickets.

Colour Intensity: very high

Finish: light creamy texture with some gloss 

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you're starved of colour and need a strong hit

Saturday, 8 August 2015

ByTerry - Baume De Rose in Cherry Bomb

I'm in love with this.

The original Baume De Rose has been a constant re-purchase for a few years, so when I spotted that this little beauty has six additional members in its extended family, you can imagine my excitement. I stood over the glorious, immaculate counter at Space NK pondering which of these lip-quenching treats I should get (it took all of my self control not to buy all six!!!), I settled on Cherry Bomb.  My thinking was that as the original Baume de Rose would be bought regardless, and the rest of the shades are quite sheer, I may as well go for the most potent colour. 

Cherry Bomb comes in a little glass pot, and when you swivel the silver lid, you see a burst of red rose colour. The texture is very balmy and goes on lips like a dream. I use the original as a prep for lips before I apply colour, but these colour solutions are obviously great on their own. The colour is buildable but you won't get much intensity out of it.

If you're a ByTerry virgin, please fix this problem right now. The range is expensive but definitely worth it - never have I bought a product that I thought was less than bloody brilliant.

Colour Intensity: sheer

Finish: balm-like with gloss

Overall Rating: 5/5

You'll like this if: your lips are parched and need some moisture and brightening 

In my Space NK haul, I also bought the following: 

R+Co Dallas shampoo and Bel Air Conditioner - love these! Hair range in amazing and they really are solutions for your hair problems.

Bumble & Bumble Blow Dry - first time using be honest, I picked up the wrong product. Was aiming for the air dry version.

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation - bought it in colour Shell.  I'm a huge fan of foundations from this brand and this is such a great texture and lasts all day.

NudeStix Magnetic Eye Shadow in Spirit - I am lazy so anything that means I can apply eyeshadow in an instant will always get thumbs up from me. This is a great mushroom bronze colour and goes on eyelids really well. If you want to blend do it quickly as once idea dry, it's dry!

Friday, 7 August 2015

MAC - Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Kittenish

I know what you're thinking - "it's MAC so it must be good. No need to carry on reading." But this lip pencil isn't just your standard "MAC good". This is MAC excellence! 

Lip crayons and pencils are very popular at the moment, but as much as they're so right, it can be easy to get them wrong. Too much shine, too little colour, packaging not great etc - get a single ingredient into the lip crayon cocktail wrong and you have a recipe for disaster. 

MAC have all the ingredients completely right, which means this is a lip tool that Kittenish is rich in colour, high in gloss and plump in texture. I chose Kittenish because it's such a lovely every-day colour that is perfect for all occasions. 

Colour Intensity: medium

Finish: creamy with gloss

Overall Rating: 5/5

You'll like this if: you want a moisturising lip pencil that is practical and pretty

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Paul and Joe - Limited Edition Lip Gloss in Sanguinello

Paul and Joe are renowned for their cute lipsticks and quirky make-up, so on my daily ASOS traul, I saw this sparkly, perfect-for-pockets lip gloss and got it straight away. 

Once it arrived, it was just as impressive. This lipgloss range is exclusive to ASOS and comes in 3 gradient colours. I chose Sanguinello because I loved the orange to red colour and thought it was very pretty.

But once I tried it, there was no real colour like I was expecting. And actually very little glitter. 

Still, even as a clear lipgloss, it's very nice and the cute packaging alone was worth the purchase. 

If you want to give it a try, it's still available here - 

Colour Intensity: sheer

Finish: gloss

Overall Rating: 2/5

You'll like this if: you want a pocket gloss that's as pretty as a picture
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