Friday, 17 July 2015

Rimmel - Kate Moss Nudes Collection in 45

As well as no.40 (see below post if this doesn't make any sense), I also purchased 45. From the incredibly helpful Rimmel free standing display unit in Boots, shade 45 is apparently perfect for neutral skin. My skin tone is relatively cool, but really loved the dusky light pink shade so grabbed it!

And I'm so glad I did because I think I've found my nude. The subtle beige/pink is perfect for my skin tone as it has no yellowness to it whatsoever. It's a gentle spring time pink that seems to illuminate my look. Fab! What more could you want from a lipstick? 

To fully cement this as my go-to-nude, it's moisturising, long lasting (walked in office and half 7 and didn't need a touch up until lunchtime!) and smells delicious! The Rimmel scent always brings back memories of rummaging through my mum's make-up when I was little. 

Colour Intensity: high - the colour of the lipstick will be the colour that goes on your lips

Finish: Creamy and hydrating 

Overall rating: 5/5 (seriously love this)

You'll like this if: you want an affordable nude for neutral/cool skin tones. 

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