Friday, 17 July 2015

Rimmel - Kate Moss Nudes Collection in 40

I love Rimmel and I love Kate Moss, so when these two get together for new beauty treats, it's a no brainier. 

The range is still relatively new so I was not surprised to see how few lipsticks of this range there would be left in store. 

Not wanting to waste any time, I picked up the lightest shade - 40. I have a pale, cool skin tone so I thought the peachy undertones of this little lipstick would warm up my skin. But no! On me, this shade resembles a concealer - a bit like in the 2000s when girls in school would wear thick beige as their lip choice which made them look like they had no lips (remember that?). So, this one's not for me, but in terms of how it feels, it definitely gets top marks. Creamy, soft formula leaves lips hydrated for that perfect peachy pout. 

Colour Intensity: high - the colour of the stick is what you will end up with on your lips.

Finish: soft, hydrating

Overall Rating: 2/5 ...just not the right colour for me

You'll like this if: you're fair skinned with no pink tones 

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