Sunday, 26 October 2014

L'Oreal - Reds Collection in Julianne's Red

I adored this colour immediately as it's a 'happier' red then most others you see.  Swirled with more blue, pink and coral tones, what makes Julianne's Red my red is the bright colour.  It compliments my pale skin and makes it look creamier and healthier than usual.  On top of this, it's a bargain at under £10.  Love love love this! 

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: creamy but not glossy.  Colour stays put.

Overall Rating: 5/5

You'll like this if: you're looking to impress without breaking the bank

Marc Jacobs in Showstopper

You wouldn't expect anything less from one of the world's most amazing fashion designers.  I found the Marc Jacobs lipstick range to have a great choice of colour, as well as sultry gloss like I've never seen before.

Showstopper is a darker, bolder twist to the conventional, classic red.  The colour looks more burgundy when you twist it up, but once on the lips, it transforms into a red you won't want to part from again.  It has become my new, classic red.

To top it all off, it's packed in a great looking case.  You'll use it constantly just to show it off!

Colour Intensity: very high

Finish: Glossy coverage - you will have to reapply

Overall Rating: 4/5 - loses a point as it leaves a red stain after a while.

You'll like this if: you want an ultimate Showstopper look

MAC - Matte Lipstick in Hearts Aflame

I purchased this delightful lipstick at Heathrow airport treat on the way to Houston.  As part of MAC's Romantic, autumnal collection, I was drawn to the deep red immediately and thought it perfect to compliment the cold weather quickly drawing in.  Hearts Aflame is not a colour for the faint hearted; matte, bold, kiss proof colour best designed for the lipstick wearers craving an impact.  Like all of MAC's legendary Matte collection, this colour doesn't rub off make your choice before wearing.

Choose a matching nail colour for a great 'change of weather, look.

Colour Intensity: very high

Finish: matte

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you love dark, winter colours

Lipstick Queen - Velvet Rope in Star Power

The nearest feel to pure velvet, this set of luxury lipsticks is definitely Poppy King's best invention yet!  Glossy, smooth colour with a mouthwatering feel that makes you love your lips all day long.  It has ultimate staying power, and this gorgeous goddess bronze is a make-up bag must-have.  The warming, golden flecks will leave you rivaling any celebrity for the ultimate Star Power!

Wear with a a light, non-shimmery cheek bronzer for a glamorous, pool-side look.

Colour Intensity: high - full colour coverage

Finish: velvet feel with a golden/bronze sheen

Overall Rating: 5/5

You'll like this if: it's a payday!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Lipstick Queen - Jungle Queen

The ultimate bright, summary colour that is bound to impress.  This gloss bursting orange-red brings life to tired looking skin and creates an impact on any outfit.

Like all Lipstick Queen lipsticks, this amazing lipstick is packed with moisturising goodness.  One sweep and my lips feel smooth and nourished all day.

Only detriment is that it does wipe off easily.

Colour Intensity: High - bright, loud colour

Finish: full lip coverage with a glossy tint

Overall Rating: 3/5 

You'll like this if: you're looking for a bright, cheerful colour from a make-up genius 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Lipstick Queen - Silver Screen in Come Up

I'm a huge Lipstick Queen fan. Every single lipstick I have purchased from this heavenly range has been a great investment.

The Silver Screen range really brings out your star quality. I chose Come Up - a gorgeous bubblegum pink that graces your lips like silk. 

Colour Intensity: high - popping colour 

Finish: opaque but with a smooth sheen 

Overall Rating: 5/5

You'll like this if: you're looking for a girly, pay day treat

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